A Perfect Day

I've decided to make two layouts using one set of photos. I've been wanting to try making two versions - a digital page and a paper layout.

At this point, I've only managed to finish one - the digital version. I already printed the photo and it will be scrapped shortly. Meanwhile, I'd like to share the finished digital layout which I also submitted to this month's Kaya challenge.

For this layout, I started by searching for 3 photos of myself. I opted to use photos from our 2007 Cebu vacation - when I was still fit and fab. LOL! I have recently purchased a template from We Are Storytellers (at 50% off!) and I've been itching to use them. Since the Kaya requirement was to use 3 photos, I thought it's the perfect opportunity to use the Photo Clusters #3 template.

I've already prepped the photo and actually printed it for the paper layout version. The next thing I did was search for the digital kit that will best showcase the photo. I opted for the Express Yourself kit by Ronna Penner. This is a free kit I've downloaded eons ago so I'm just happy to find a home for the lovely papers and embellishements. I chose this because of the clean design and of course, the pink paper and embellishments which perfectly match my outfit in the photo.

Here it is.

It's a very easy layout to make. I just layered, resized and added dimension through drop shadows. I added some "torn paper" effect which took too much time (anybody want to teach me the easy way of doing it?) but I love the effect. When I first finished the layout without the torn edges, it looked a bit flat and uninteresting. In paper scrapping, I normally distress the edges with ink to define the layers. So I decided to spend a bit more time and add the torn edges.

Thanks for looking!


Sheene said...

you can google for torn paper actions for photoshop.. there are a lot out there you can try because there are a lot of different torn paper effects.. (if you're using photoshop).. you can try obsidiandawn for starters..

hope this helps..

Alby said...

Thanks Sheene.I will check it out and hopefully, It will make things easier for me. :D