My Birthday Cards

As promised, here are the birthday cards I got. Lovely works of art! Thanks again girls for taking the time to make them and mail them to me.

by Nina (sent all the way from Taiwan and Earliest Bird winner)

by Sheryl

by Ching (sent all the way from the US)

By Jona (Alby and Ariel's Pick)

by Donna (The BLOW OUT Winner!)

by Susie (sent all the way from HK)

The following were received after the cut-off but are very much appreciated nonetheless. Thank you ladies for taking the time.


by Marian

by Cookie

Inside the pop-up card


pigmentations said...

nice cards! you are one lucky duck :)

jonaks said...

loved the cards you got.

Anonymous said...

nice cards!! thank you from france

Lee i. said...

di ako najagawa. but my most heart-felt birthday greetings. i was sending you positive thoughts the whole time. hope you got them. hahaha. ingat!

Maybelle said...

Beautiful cards! I bet you were tickled pink to open each and everyoned of these lovely gifts.

Christine said...

thanks for posting my card along with the gorgeous cards you received :)