A few more days left before my Birthday BLOW OUT closes. I've already received several cards - thank you very much for taking the time.

There will be ONE winner of a Scrapbooking BOOK of YOUR CHOICE at Bookoto. The winner will be selected through a raffle draw on the evening of September 17th.

There are two special prizes:

The EARLIEST BIRD (first card I received)
ALBY's FAVORITE (hmmm...this will be tough, Ariel will help in judging)

Special prize winners will get special gifts from me.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

waaah, sana makagawa ako! so many balakids happening in my universe right now :(

but on one hand, I am so happy for you at madami ka na nare-receive :)

Christine said...

Happy birhtday, ALBY!!!!

Wishing you many happy memories and scrap supplies :)

Oh dear - I hope my card gets to you in time... I did it in august but somehow forgot to send it out right away :(

Anonymous said...

my 2yr old inaanak's version:

hafefetey choo you. hafefetey choo you. hafefetey, hafefetey... HAFEFETEY CHOO YOU!!! :)