A new shelf and a new printer

Pending the makeover of my scrap space, I bought a shelf from a nearby home store and squeezed it into our bedroom. Then I transfered my scrapping magazines and books into the shelf. That freed up more table space where I can actually scrap.

The small basket holds the mini albums.

THIS is Ariel's anniversary gift for me (grinning ear to ear)!!! He also got a pack of Epson Glossy Photo Paper. Let's see if this baby and my new cam (which I used to take this photo - no post processing here - kala mo naman ang galing - hehe) will get along well.

Just sharing some happy thoughts. :)

Still nursing a bad cold. Cough's getting better though.


Ch said...

Wowee! Congrats on the new printer!! :D And I can't wait to start fixing my room na rin. Hehe project ko dapat yun pero it looks so messy I don't know where to start! Haha!!

Christine said...

have fun with your new toys!!! hope you'll feel better soon!