It's a TAG!

I submitted a layout to Joanne in response to her sketch challenge. 12 people submitted their layouts. See them all here.

Now, Joanne gave us a task to challenge 3-5 people to make a layout based on our own page. See my page here. I thought I'll ask as many as I can and see how many will respond. Send your entries by email - will post my address at the PS e-group. Deadline is end of April. So, for this task, I'm tagging CV, Ch, Lee, Cookie, Nina (welcome back Nina!!!), Suzanne, Ruby, Arnie, Marian and Cabbie.

If I didn't mention your name, feel free to join as well and email me your layout. Digital and Paper layouts are both ok.

Thanks for playing!

1 comment:

Christine said...

thanks for the tag. will try to work on this as soon as i get back from vacation :) (i have sent back all my stuff through DH as it's a challenge to handle 2 kids and luggage on my own!)