Layouts by Ch, Nina, Arnie and Marian

Thanks girls for indulging me.

These layouts were based on my layout that was based on Joanne's sketch. Malabo ba? Hehe. Weeks ago, Joanne issued a challenge for us to come up with layouts based on her sketch. I thought it would be fun so I submitted an entry. After that, Joanne challenged us further by instructing us to ask at least 3 other scrappers to make a layout based on our entry that was based on her sketch. So, I tagged a couple of girls and 4 of them (so far) responded. Here are their lovely layouts.

My Style by Nina

The Tie by Arnie

Beach Bums by Ch

Bonding by Marian

To the other ladies I tagged, feel free to submit anytime!


Christine said...

love how everyone interpreted your page! so excited to work on mine!

Lee i. said...

i will work on my mine this weekend, promise. :-)

Maja said...

I love this blog!!!!