The Art of Rubber Stamping

I fell in love with stamping when Mia and Tin had a stamping demo during one of the Pinoyscrapbookers EBs. That was truly a life-changing moment. Well, more like wallet-changing moment. Laugh.

Since then, I've been collecting stamps - both rubber and acrylic. Last year, my collection grew drastically that I had to re-organize my storage space to make sure they are all visible so I can actually use them. So here is my growing collection of wood-mounted rubber stamps. My clear stamps are stored separately. Admittedly, I have not used more than 50% of these stamps. But I will! Soon!

The Art of Rubber Stamping


Nina said...

Oh my goodness, beautiful! Pangarap ko din ang storage na ito pero don't really like the dust that gathers everywhere here after only a day without cleaning. Sigh. So no open storage for me. Love your house kasi there never seems to be any dust! =)


Alby said...

Thanks Nina dear.
Err...we do get a lot of dust at home. naglilinis lang pag may bisita. LOL! And the stamps are stored in a cabinet with glass doors so I can still see them. I had the dust in mind when I planned the scrap space. My clear stamps are not as lucky. I store them in the Clip it Up carousel so it is exposed to dust. I wanted to buy the cover but for the price, I could already buy more stamps. So I just manage by dusting them once in a while (re pag may bisita - LOL!). See you soon Nina!