December Dailies 2009 - Day 23

2 days to go before Christmas! Although we didn't do much shopping this year, I think we've got everything covered. I stopped stressing about getting everyone (as in every single one!) a gift and just focused on who mattered the most to us. And we got them covered. So today, I was more concerned about getting the right food on the table for Christmas eve and Christmas Day. I forced Ariel to drive us to Tagaytay so I can check out Santi's, Gourmet's and Sonya's and pick up a couple of things for my menu.

First stop was Sonya's where I bought 2 bottles of their salad dressing. It's what keeps me going back to Sonya's. In fact, I managed to convince Ariel to have lunch there. We had a wonderful time! Lunch was perfect as usual. Great-tasting healthy food and beautiful ambiance!

I also picked up a bottle of pop beans, and a pack of salad greens. My lunch assignment for Christmas day is covered (I'm in charge of serving salad).

Then we made a quick stop at Santi's in Silang where I picked up a bottle of Pinot Noir, a bottle of Beaujolais Red Wine and some cheeses. Last stop was Gourmet's. They didn't have a lot on the shelves so I just picked up a bottle of their Honey Mustard Dressing and a bottle of hot laing.

When we got back home, I finished wrapping all the gifts and just relaxed a bit. Can't wait for Christmas!

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