Clock Frame or something

Ariel bought this in Bangkok last year and he's been bugging me to put some photos in for some time. I don't know why it took me so long to actually work on it but well, I finally did. Instead of three photos, I just used two and then I added a bit of scrapbooking in one of the circles. I just used paper scraps and some embellishments.

I love the liquid pearls! See those red dots and the gold strip on the butterflies? The butterflies were punched from scraps of paper using Martha Stewart's puncher.

And that lovely rubon is from K & Co. It comes with the bling. It's quite a challenge to rub it on the paper but I love the design and the blings! I still have a few sheets waiting for the special project to use it in.

Here is the whole thing. This clock frame, or whatever it is called, is now sitting by the side table of our living room, beside the phone.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful piece!

Jeff and Pia said...

love what you did on the frame alby!

i love all your other creations too ... i noticed you like the colors yellow, green, blue ... ang gaganda ng mga combinations!