And the winner is...

I'll get to that in a while.

Last week, I showed this to some friends and told them that I like it. And they both said that it's nice but it's totally not my style. I was shocked.

Me: What do you mean, not my style? This is so my style. I like clean layouts with minimal embellishments.

Them: Yes, but your layouts are always neat, carefully measured, with straight lines, uniform margins, etc. This one doesn't have straight lines, a bit rough on the edges, etc.

I immediately browsed my blog to show them that I do have "crooked" layouts. After several minutes, I still couldn't find one. So, I told them I was going to make a "crooked" layout over the May 1 long weekend.

The result is my NSD digital layout.

I showed it to them the following Monday to prove that I can make layouts with elements that don't line up perfectly. It was while showing it to them that I spotted my little "mistake".

Care to take a guess again? Here it is. On top is the original layout. Below it is the "corrected" one. Spot the difference.

So, based on the responses, I will reluctantly admit that I am OC when it comes to scrapping! Gasp! Not just paper scrapping, mind you. Even in digi-scrapping. Double gasp!

Ok, most of the time I just eyeball the measurements. But if things look crooked, I get my ruler and measure. The thing is, I never realized it until my friends pointed it out!

In digital, I'm OC about shadows. Ok, there's your clue. You see, I want my digital layouts to look like paper layouts. And one way of accomplishing that is through shadows. Elements that look bulky in a paper layout should cast the biggest shadows. I'm OC in that way. I play around with shadow settings to make a "realistic" page. So, my mistake in the layout above is that I missed adding shadow to ONE element. That's because I added that last and forgot about the shadow. Can you spot which one it is now?

Ok, it's the brown ribbon. Since it is pleated, it should look bulky, like in a paper layout. Hence, it should cast a shadow so that it wouldn't look flat.

I had a good laugh reading through the comments! Thanks for playing along girls!

And the winner is...

Marian -1
Karen - 2
Candy - 3
Bjay - 4
Jeanie - 5
April - 6
Trina - 7

Congratulations April. You will receive the full set of Coke Smile Glasses and Coke coasters. Please email me where you want these sent.


Candy said...

Hehehe! Wouldn't have seen that unless you pointed it out! You really are OC, but I guess that's what also makes you a great scrapper, digi or trad.

Au Lim said...

oh my gulay... magsama kayo ni Nita. pareho pala kayong OC! ako, O lang at hindi C...haha!

love the layout! at alam mo bang yung 33 layout mo it one of my all time favorites! one of these days, i'll copy it ha...:-D

bjay said...

waaaaaaah!!!! super mali ang sagot ko! what was I thinking?!

congrats, april!!! :)

April Joy Lim said...

yehey! ngyn lng ako nanalo sa blog contest! hehehe thanks alby!

pakuha ko na lng sa office nyo..hehehe kapitbahay lng naman tyo :D

marking said...

Gosh Alby you really are OC. Didn't notice that one. Great LO even if you didn't edit.

Alby said...

Thanks again ladies. Well, I was in denial for a bit. But then, I realized, why deny it when I can embrace who I am. So, there. I like my layouts straight! I guess that's why I love Cathy Z and Ali E. :D

jeanie nieva said...

hahaha....grabe...oc....natawa ako dun alby. but as miss candy says, it's the attention to details that make you a great scrapper. hehe. congrats april. :)

Ems said...

Hehe! Di lang pala ako ang OC, mas malala ka pala! I'm also particular about straight lines (if I really intend it to be) and stamping (kaya I'm not quite partial with it). Will join sana but I can't see what's wrong with it and nilito ako ni bjay noh! Sabi nya yung coke LO daw sus! (peace tyo bf ha)

Ems said...

Btw, got my loots! Wowow! Thanks a lot and so sweet of you to include a nice card! Lab them!

MyLittleTeapot said...

love your digi page!