I miss...


MyScrapworks was my first scrapbooking community. I was a hermit scrapbooker until I joined Scrapmeet organized by the MyScrapworks team. There I met Mabelle and the rest is history. I started writing for the monthly column Photo Rx. We used to meet regularly to share a bit of scrapbooking news, swap layouts, eat, etc.

I miss the website. I was really so blessed to be part of it. I thought we did a pretty good job coming up with great articles, useful tips and tricks, interesting interviews with celebrity scrappers (Valerie Salmon, Leah Fung, Anna Cabrera, etc.).

I miss the girls - Mabelle, Anj, Carrie, Airees and Lala. Sigh.

And I miss Scrapmeet! I think it was the best scrapbooking event ever. Sigh again. I was able to attend two. I missed the third one because I was in Malaysia that time. Too bad, because it was then that I was part of the organizers.

Oh well. Life goes on.


CH said...

I discovered the local scrapping community through MSW! So sad. I miss them too! :(

Mabelle said...

and I miss you too! :-)

I continuously receive so many emails from around the world asking stuff about the local scrap community, where to buy stuff, or just plain ask when would be, yup, the next ScrapMeet. :-)

I made a promise to you a year ago. I have not forgotten. I intend to keep it. I'm just trying to find my groove and the time.

Happy Easter Alby. You made my weekend warmer with your post. :-)

Carrie said...

i miss you too alby! :) and happy anniversary to you and ariel! have a grand time dear :D