Hello Blog!

My name is Alby. In case you've forgotten, I created you. I am your delinquent blog master.

Sorry, I've been ignoring you. You know how it is...a long internet-free holiday followed by two busy work weeks to be followed by another week-long vacation. Got busy at work because I need to finish things before our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. And whatever free time I have is used to surf for hotels and activities for our trip. So, blog, I'm sure you understand.

But don't worry. Taking a vacation means making memories. Making memories means taking photos to keep the memories alive. Taking photos means more reasons for me to scrap. Photos and scrapping means more blog posts. So we will see more of each other after this trip. I'm

I'm leaving on the 19th. Will be back in the country on the 27th. It's Ariel's birthday on the 28th so I can't see you til the 29th.

So long! See you in two weeks!

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Lee i. said...

Miss you, blogger. Have fun! Ingat!