My Creativity Nook - The Unveiling

Finally, after months of planning, my creativity nook is done. Actually, it was completed last Nov. 21 but I only had the chance to transfer back all my scrapping stuff last Monday.

Before I unveil my new space, here's how it looks like before the makeover:

I decided that I want my space to have bold colors. What can be bolder than red? Red stimulates energy and increases enthusiasm. It encourages creativity. So, without further ado, here's my creativity nook!

I need to see what I have because I tend to forget that I have them. Thus, I opted for glass-enclosed cabinets to store my embellishments in. I bought baskets to store my embellishments and other materials in groups. For instance, I have a basket for paints - acrylics, Radiant Rain, paint brushes, foam brushes, etc. That way, if I want to paint, I can take out the entire basket so everything I need is in one container.

I kept most of my previous storage like the colorful boxes to the right of my main cabinet. I also kept the clear stackable drawers which I bought from Dimensione. One of the clear drawers contains my collection of flowers. One contains unused mini albums. One contains my foam stamps and the other one contains punches.

This is my workstation. I kept my solid wood table which is sturdy and thick. I can hammer away or even use my heat tool without worrying that I will destroy it. The red desk is for safer activities like editing photos on my (red-covered) laptop. There is lighting underneath the hanging cabinet and I bought extra lamp for my solid wood table. I keep my books and magazines on the topmost shelves.

Inside the big closet are my bigger tools and storage/tote bags. I also keep my albums here, as well as my cardstock collection which is arranged by color.

There are two pull out cabinets which can be used as additional work tables when I need the extra space, or when I have one or two scrapping friends over.

Here's another pull out table. There is a foldable panel for better legroom. They have wheels so they can easily be pulled out. I am quite proud of these pull out tables as I designed them myself. I think I drove the cabinet guys crazy. :D

Organizing my stuff was quite a challenge. I realized I need more baskets! And I never realized I have so much alphas - stickers, thickers, plain chipboards, rubons! I was also surprised to see I have tons of ribbons and trims. I need more buttons though I already have a lot. :D And of course, I have more papers than I can use in a year! Sigh.

I am so excited to start scrapping again!
Thanks for looking!


Joanne Yap said...

am so envious darn it --- ganda ganda -- it has been planned well and the results are so fantastic ... last request -- pwede bang virtual tour and then i youtube mo.. it could even make scrap space pictures on a mag -- kaya and its just fantastic
ingit ako
can i make a post on this on my blog-- love it so much !

Alby said...

Thanks Joanne! Will do that next weekend and share with you once done. Kakahiya. Di pa masyadong ayos. :D

Freethinker said...

It's a scrapbooking heaven, Alby! You must be proud!!! Ang ganda, pulido ang carpentry. And I love hoe you organized everything. Ang sarap sa mata. :-)

That should be more than enough reason for you to scrap again. It's been a while, huh? :-)

Happy Scrapping!

bjay said...

ahwwww! I can live there! :) seriously sis, you did a wonderful job designing, choosing the right colors and taking those vacation leaves to finish your scrap space :)


jan celiz-magtoto said...

your creative nook looks really organized! very impressive.

Liza said...

wow alby ang ganda ng scraproom mo! i love the design you did and even that pull-out cabinet. you're right, red really suits your space. kaka-inspire to scrap with those colors around you. Same with joanne, inggit ako ha! i'll use this as inspiration for my future scrap area. hehehe!

Maybelle said...

Major drool, Alby! I love the color red. It's my favorite! Ooooh... and everythings looks really organized.

Alby said...

Thanks girls! I really thank God for this blessing. It's still work in progress, nakatago lang yung ibang kalat. Di ko natapos last weekend. Need to get more of those baskets. It's very inspiring. Too bad I get to enjoy it only on weekends.


Jmk said...

Alby, I am so proud of you for finally doing it and making a real home. This is beautiful. I can get comfortable there:-) I love what you did! Drools, Julie:-)

keandra said...


Lling said...

WOW! What a place! I wish i could have one like that too.

Carrie said...

love your area alby!!!! inggit ako!!!!

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Hello Alby, I chanced upon your blog while visiting Lee's. Your scrapbook studio is awesome! So stylish and functional. Excellent job!