More Photos...

...edited using the Orton effect. Really loving it!

Click on the photos below for a better view. The effect is less obvious in the smaller photos.

1. Original Photo - Ariel and myself during our descent from the summit of Mt. Pulag. The photo was taken using a tripod.

2. With Orton effect

3. Original photo - In front of Ibarra's Portico Del Sol in Kawit, Cavite. This is going to be my brother's wedding venue.

4. With Orton effect

5. Original Photo - also at Ibarra's
6. With Orton effect

7. Original Photo - also at Ibarra's

8. With Orton Effect


Maybelle said...

I love your photos, Alby! I can almost imagine a newly wed couple walking down the path. Gorgeous!

C70 said...

beautiful photos, Alby!