My ScrapWorks September Upload

If you haven’t done so yet, head off to the MyScrapworks website to see the latest upload. Great articles, starting with my own column PhotoRx. Here, I wrote about using Photo Filtre to create a blog header. Say goodbye to boring blog headers and create an eye-catching one that reflects your blog’s personality.

Oh, and you have to see our acrylic projects. Clearly beautiful!!! Making the 12x12 was a breeze. I only used some scrap papers, paint and StazOn to create the look. Had fun making the page. I’m thinking of buying a table-top easel so I can display it at home. Now, the mini is something else. As if making the 3-panel mini isn’t hard enough, I decided to put together two sets making 12 back to back pages. Quite a challenge but I just had to do it!!! My concept was “The Story of Us” and I wanted to show pictures that mark our years together as husband and wife (note that my mini sample “The Story of Us” is consistent with my Photo Rx sample header. :D). I started off with a wedding and a honeymoon picture. Then the next few pics are labeled 1-6 representing our years together. Clearly, the 3 panels won’t be enough so I used 6 panels. See it here.

Finally, my favorite article this upload. “The (Bubbah’s) View from Mars”. Basically, one hubby’s thoughts on our fave hobby. Hilarious!!! I was laughing out loud while reading this article. Hmmm…maybe we should write about more hubbies in the future. I’m sure there are a lot of men like him out there.

Anyway, go check out our website. Read it from “cover to cover”. You won’t be disappointed!!!


C70 said...

Alby! I looooooove your acrylic pages! Great job on those! How I wish I could make my own sometime.....

Alby said...

Christine! Thanks! Go get your acrylic sheets then, before they run out. I truly enjoyed making them. Naloka ako sa mini, but I loved the outcome. :D